What Goes On During the 48 Hours?


7 PM: Playwrights & actors meet for dinner. A traditional meet and greet and a great networking opportunity!
7:30:  Playwrights randomly draw actors to perform in their works.

  • This is done by having the writers draw numbers that designate how many actors will be in their group. Then drawing that many names out of a hat; those will be their performers. Finally, playwrights draw a third random element (announced on the night of) which must be heavily incorporated in their plot. We do this to ensure fresh, original work that only be written in the 48-hour time period.

8:30: Playwrights meet with their actors and  begin writing their plays!



All day: Rehearsal at designated studios and spaces. The Hickory Playground has spaces all over town designated to allowing writers and performance to put their pieces on their feet. This day is very open, as writers and actors decide on when and where to meet on Thursday night. The HPG team answers questions and liaisons practice spaces while preparing for Saturday's performance.



All Day: Additional space is provided to continue rehearsing.
10-11: Tech setup at Drendel Auditorium.
11-4: Tech rehearsals (30 min each). 

  • Groups decide on a mutual tech time on Thursday to run their shows on at the Drendel auditorium in 30-minute time slots.

5:45: Talent call and provided dinner.
6:30: Talent seated in designated seats in their group at the auditorium.
6:45: House opens and audience members pour in.
7:00: Exactly 48-hours from when we began, the show begins.
9:00: Audience favorite play is announced.