Please Welcome Our Board of Directors

Since 2016, the Hickory Playground’s goal has been to foster creativity and the love of art in Hickory, North Carolina. Thus far, we have done this by facilitating the creation of sixteen original short plays and by giving $13,000 to the arts departments of area public schools. In order to even better serve this community, we have filed for 501(c)3 status; we are pleased to announce that we have reached an important milestone in achieving that goal: the Hickory Playground now has an official Board of Directors.

2016 Transparency Report

The Hickory Playground is a pending 501c3 non-profit charity company dedicated to championing the arts throughout the North Carolina community generally and the Hickory community specifically. We believe that transparency is an integral component of any charity: we are a company whose first priority is the community, and members of the community ought to be able to know exactly how the money they give to the Hickory Playground is being spent. Thus, the Hickory Playground is happy to present its financial transparency report for the 2016 season.