About the Hickory Playground

The Hickory Playground is a non-profit theater company dedicated to the creation of new theatrical and performative works by local artists. In addition to the varying projects we produce throughout our three-month-long summer season, our signature event is a forty-eight hour playwriting festival, held every summer. The Hickory Playground’s full-length projects nurture the creative process while allowing audiences a glimpse backstage and fostering a dialogue between creator and consumer. We are committed to raising awareness and providing financial support for talent in the region by donating directly to public schools’ arts departments and promoting artistic endeavors in Hickory, North Carolina, and the surrounding community.

Mission & Vision

The mission of the Hickory Playground is to invest in the arts in our community by nurturing the creation of new, original stories and supporting the artists of tomorrow. The longterm vision of the Hickory Playground is to engage communities around the world by enabling the creation of new art, the support of new artists, and the sustainable development of an artistically adventurous culture.

upcoming events

The Hickory Playground Presents: A Night of Art and Creative Celebration
Information forthcoming - stay tuned!

The Third Annual Hickory Playground Playwriting Festival
July 28th, 7pm,
SALT Block's Drendel Auditorium

Please check out previous Hickory Playground performances on our YouTube channel!